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Japan ENVIRO Industry Corporation

Japan ENVIRO Industry Corporation (JEIC) mainly run dewaterer, filter, drainage treatment device, fresh water device, and printing circuit board electric plating device, etc., used in laboratories, research institutes and plants, etc. and takes the largest market share of dewaterer and filter in Japan. Since our founding in 1975, we have been always carefully considering pollution prevention and global environment, engaging in the production of various products, and applying our patents or unique ideas in every product.

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Our Strengths

High-performance dewaterer, filter and drainage treatment device can contribute to environmental purification and cost reduction.

Our corporation always focuses on environmental protection and develops original and leading products. To adopt the completely integrated production and flexibly selling the high-quality products with special functions at low prices is our strength.

Frequently put forth the original and new technical schemes regarding environmental purification

Our largest strength is to focus on the research and development of "outstanding products with the inimitable impossibility and originality" and apply patents and original ideas in every product. So far, our corporation has obtained around 170 patents in total. We are always creating new technologies.

Test and computation

Integrated production realizes high quality and low cost

One of our strengths is to adopt the completely integrated production covering development, design and manufacturing, so as to sell the high-quality products with special functions at low prices and supply the complete-set equipments at low prices. Moreover, we can rapidly respond with regard to the supply and maintenance of parts since the production is completely carried out by ourselves.

Scene of design

Many models of products are available and freely combined as required

Our corporation seldom sells products as specified on catalogues, but mostly changes our design to satisfy customer’s demands as much as possible. As we have many models of products available, we can freely combine them according to use. We provide rich choices of products, e.g. drainage treatment equipment and dewaterer designed and manufactured according to water flow and water quality, etc. We propose the most suitable equipment schemes to our customers.

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