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Japan ENVIRO Industry Corporation

Japan ENVIRO Industry Corporation (JEIC) mainly run dewaterer, filter, drainage treatment device, fresh water device, and printing circuit board electric plating device, etc., used in laboratories, research institutes and plants, etc. and takes the largest market share of dewaterer and filter in Japan. Since our founding in 1975, we have been always carefully considering pollution prevention and global environment, engaging in the production of various products, and applying our patents or unique ideas in every product.

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Message to the World

As an environment-oriented plant, we adopt dewatering, filtering and drainage treatment equipments to stop the pollution of global environment.

Equipments are developed to realize the capability of natural purification and return to nature.

Solve the problem of environmental purification in front of enterprises

Environment is a topic to be studied from a global approach. Therefore, our products are essential to all enterprises in need of drainage, and also very useful to the earth. We will keep in mind and dedicate ourselves to manufacturing original products and launch them around the world.


Manufacture products that which operated, high quality and cheap

All our products are manufactured by ourselves, so as to allow you to experience the high-level technology at a low price. Any of our products can automatically operate only after turning on a switch, so its operation is very simple. Any first-time user could find it easy and convenient to operate our products.

Scene of manufacturing

Face with the future environment; push forward the manufacturing of products

Our corporation engages in the manufacturing of products with new technologies. For instance, our energy-saving dewaterer can reduce carbon dioxide considerably and benefit the environment and cost reduction very much. In the future, we will develop the electric decomposition equipment that utilizes light energy and other green energy, and the "environment-friendly enrichment equipment" that facilitates pre-treatment, with regard to the drainage treatment mainly focusing on medicine purification.

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